StatistiCal: consultancy in statistics and experimental design: finding answers where you don’t expect them.

StatistiCal is a company which focuses on the statistical analysis in its broadest sense, especially in nutritional, pharmaceutical and (bio)medical area.

The range of services covers the descriptive analyses as well as the analytical (explanatory (causal effect relationship)) approaches. The mathematical modelling is an important aspect of work as well.

StatistiCal is serving the nutritional, pharmaceutical as well as the medical science. Especially with respect to claim legislation the importance of appropriate and dedicated statistical analysis has become of eminent importance. This means not only doing the work after acquiring the data but also before conducting the trial to optimize the design to address the various issues appropriately. The latter includes power calculation and design of experiment. Moreover, is the design of the experiment in accordance with addressing the desired (main) aim?

A major part of our work consists of reanalysis of already performed statistics, focusing not only on optimizing statistical analysis, but also on potential confounding: what other factors might affect the outcome in your clinical trial. By taking these factors into account, a potential treatment effect might be enhanced.

We offer up-to-date statistical analyses optimized for claim legislation. It ensures a balanced experimental design fitted for the aims to be investigated. Since the statistical analysis as well as the scientific background is taken into account, we are able to offer the complete service to your clinical trial.

For us it is important that you will understand the various steps taken within the analysis, accepting the fact that statistics is generally regarded as difficult to comprehend. Service is one of the key elements in the client-based approach. Together with the client we focus to be an integral part of the research and a successful marketing launch of the product under investigation. StatistiCal is part of your team!

Please contact us for more information about the statistical analysis we can offer, we are more than happy to assist you in any way we can.